Why You Need Cardio Exercises

Among all the exercises today, cardio tops the recommendations for burning calories and excess fat. But some people are still unsure how long should you be doing these exercises every day.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, at least thirty minutes of mid-intensity workout for five times a week is acceptable. You may also opt a twenty-minutes high-intensity workout three times a week. But if you are looking to lose more weight, you must increase the time and frequency of your exercises.

In the simplest term, cardio exercises’ goal is to improve your cardiovascular health. It stimulates the heart rate to beat at a more accelerated pace than the usual. It also targets your breathing rate and elevates it in a such a way that can be sustained for an exercise session.

Running, swimming, walking, dancing, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are just some of the many forms of this type of exercise. Regardless of the form you choose, these exercises can burn your calories, shed the excess weight, achieve a lean belly and tone the arms and thighs. Aside from the benefits of your physical attributes, cardio exercises also reduce stress, promote quality sleep, relieve anxiety and depression.

If you are new to fitness, cardio is the best place to begin. It is after all the most basic form of exercise. You can simply sign up for a gym membership and start using the treadmill. If you wish to avoid spending, you can simply put on your pair of running shoes and start jogging around your local park.

Remember, the body is made to move. Living a sedentary lifestyle will do no good for your health. Think about how great it feels to have flexible muscles and waking up in the morning feeling energized. Exercising can make you feel good. Staying active helps increase your muscle blood flow and strengthen your lungs and heart.