Obesity and Weight Management

Obesity is a condition where your body fat has accumulated in excess and has thus led to an increase in your body weight.

In the present era, modernization and work load has increased the intake of fast food coupled with a hectic life style our eating habits have changed for the worst leading us towards obesity.

Deadlines, stress at work and home front, competition etc have all led to binge eating, which is one of the major causes of obesity. Lack of physical activities and sleeping directly after a heavy meal, no proper meal timing all pave the way for obesity to set into our life.

The after effects of obesity are heart strokes, blood pressure, breathing problems and this is because of the weight our body has increased, hence weight management plays a very important role if we want a healthy body.

Weight Management

Weight management is the burning of the excess calories in our body and this can be done by making the following changes.

  1. Exercise regularly and be fit.
  2. Practice yoga in different postures. This makes your body flexible and leads you to lose weight.
  3. Swim and play outdoor games to burn your calories.
  4. Go for a brisk walk regularly. A walk of half an hour day burns 200 calories.
  5. Cycling, cardio exercises make you sweat and reduce your weight.
  6. Eat and follow nutritious food and avoid processed foods, sugar laden foods, white bread, pasta, as they are too high in calories.

Obesity is caused by excessive accumulation of fats in our body.

In this state our body consumes more calories than we require and burns lesser calories in comparison. Hence we tend to put on weight and be obese. Obesity can result in heart stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes.

Obesity is spreading fast throughout the world and the causes are:

  1. Over eating of high fat foods.
  2. Eating junk and fast food which have excessive calories.Causes of obesity
  3. Lack of exercises and not following the fitness routine daily.
  4. Slow body movements, no brisk walking.
  5. Lack of proper sleep due to hectic and fast life style.
  6. Genetic cause as obesity may run in the family.
  7. Low self esteem: This makes us eat more leading to increase in weight.
  8. Medication like insulin, steroids, anti depressants.
  9. Lack of nutritious balanced diet.
  10. Excessive intake of alcohol especially beer.

There are many other causes which lead to obesity. But the above mentioned ones are the most common ones.

The condition of obesity can be cured or controlled by making some changes in our everyday diet and lifestyle and including a vigorous exercise regime.